Sunday, December 4, 2011

Peggy and Sydney

Sydney Cochran's story interview
  1.  What is the setting?
    1. Still bouncing around a few ideas on that one, come back to me later!
  2. Who is the main character?
    1. Peggy, who is a free spirited and creative eighth grade girl.
  3. What challenges will they face?
    1. Bullying for being different and representing herself through clothing.
  4. What successes will they find?
    1. She will display the ability to overcome stereotypical generalizations of the other children.
    2. And she will become role model and trendsetter.
  5. Who/what is the antagonist/bad guy?
    1. Kids in her school, the bullies more specifically.  
  6. Why are they bad?  What has shaped/made them bad?
    1. Their judgmental society has them trained from a young age
  7. What is your inspiration for this story?
    1. People who get bullied and catergorized based on differences.
  8. What mentor texts have you used so far?
    1. the uglies
  9. What is going to be the “moral” of your story?
    1. dont change yourself
  10. How has your original idea evolved from when we started?
    1. I sort of ditched my original idea which was Peggy, the girl who dreams she cant laugh and learns to appreciate the simple things.  But since then my current idea has been going strong.  
  11. What kind of people are you writing for?
    1. Mostly middle school girls.
  12. Are there any supporting characters?
    1. Peggy's best friend, who is her first friend when she moves in and sticks by her the whole time.
  13. How big of a role do they play?
    1. Not that big she somewhat influences Peggy's decisions but it is mostly going to be Peggy's inner conflicts on individuality and her struggles with the bullies.  
    2. mostly Peggy’s inner conflicts on individuality
  14. Who will be narrating this story?
    1. Third person as of right now, but possibly going to work in diary entries.
  15. What is the title?
    1. I haven't figured that one out yet!  Right now I have "Peggy: the expressionist in a judgmental environment" but I am open to suggestions.
  16. What is your main characters personality traits that will help them face these challenges?
    1. Peggy is independent strong willed and free spirited.
  17. Personality traits that will hinder them?
    1. Unfamiliarity with people is going to be part of her internal conflicts.  Also her confidence on the outside disguises her inner doubts.  And she also has a way of using physicality to stand up for herself. 
  18. Who will be triumphant in the end? Good or bad?
    1. Peggy!
  19. Will there be any foreshadowing?
    1. It is pretty predictable, so not really.
  20. What is your favorite part of the story?
    1. Definitely when punches a boy in the face, because he deserves it!

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