Monday, April 2, 2012

Modern Revolutions

One of the most evident modern revolutions is technology.  In the recent years the technological advances have been monumental.  In 2000 Toyota came out with the hybrid Prius which has grown in popularity today and hybrid cars are now made by the biggest car manufacturers like Ford, Nissan, Lexus, and Mercury.  Not to mention how the hybrid car has played a large role in the environmentalist movement, a revolution in itself.  The other side of technology is the concept of instant gratification.  Our culture is obsessed with getting the information we need when we need it.  Google was introduced within the last ten years, and is now even it’s own verb, people “google” information constantly.  Google has also expanded itself beyond a search engine and offers, maps, calendars, books, email, blogs, and most of these features can be shared easily with others such as google documents.  People are able to accomplish so much so quickly and much more efficiently than in past years all due to the technological advances over the last several years.  

Cell phones are a big enough technological advancement on their own.  In 200 AT&T began to offer instant text messaging for mobile phones which is now the most common form of communication.  The growing popularity of smartphones and their seemingly endless capabilities is a clear demonstration of the advances made.  Cell phones use to be good for making phone calls and that was it.  Today people can send emails, watch videos, play games, find directions, and there’s apps for everything to buying groceries to making people’s faces look fat.  The better question when it comes to the capabilities of smartphones such as the iPhone is what can’t they do?  It is not surprising however that with all of these astounding capabilities people have become so dependant on their cell phones.  There is even a specific phobia for those who are that afraid of being without their cell phones, nomophobia.  

Social Networking is another technology related revolution that has changed the lives and lifestyles of many today.  Sites like facebook and twitter allow for people to always be connected, and to easily share their lives with their friends and families.  My cousin who lives in Florida is a new mother and she posts videos all the time on facebook of her son, and the rest of my family here in Massachusetts can see him, videos of him learning to talk, taking baths, and all sorts of special baby things that we otherwise would not be able to see.  Twitter is huge for celebrities and athletes connecting with their fans and showing their appreciation.  Also sites like YouTube have been huge in making people famous, Justin Bieber is probably the most prominent example of someone’s talent being discovered and as a result turning into their career.  It is also common pastime nowadays to spend time watching YouTube videos and sharing them with friends, especially sharing them on these social sites such as facebook and twitter.  They give the saying “It’s a small world” a whole new meaning as distance is no longer a limitation for interacting and sharing with friends and family as well as connecting with bigger people.  

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