Thursday, October 6, 2011

There is No Such Thing as Impossible

I believe in the simple things.  I believe life is what you make it.  I believe that nothing good comes easy.  Most importantly I believe anything is possible and that if you want something you should never give up on it.  
I learned the importance of never giving up on dreams my sophomore year.  I came off a strong freshman season for the combined Plymouth North and South lacrosse teams, but the teams had to split.   South only had six returning girls so things were not  looking promising. And being the only underclassman on the team at South, I would not be “grand-fathered” onto North’s team with the Seniors and Juniors. Short and simple, no south team means I don’t play. 
It has been my dream since I was twelve to play lacrosse in college, so there was no way I was not playing.  The first thing that came to my mind was to go to all of the upperclassman for help.  
That idea backfired when I learned none of them wanted to have a South team at all. The previous year we were good and like any team we were a big family, so I do not blame the upperclassmen for wanting to hold on to that for their last years.  
Like waking up from a dream and trying to hang on to those images somewhere in between, my lacrosse dreams were slowly fading.  Reading an excerpt for a creative writing assignment in class after being turned away by my teammates,  I found a quote saying “the brick walls in life are there to give you a chance to show how bad you want something.”  Right then everything clicked.  No one was helping me out, but no one was stopping me either.  They were just letting me prove how bad I wanted it.  
So I set out on a mission to recruit enough girls to field a team and find a coach.  I went through all of the sports rosters and did everything I possibly could to spread the word.  I tried to convince just about everyone I knew to come out for the team.  We ended up with around 40 girls, which is enough to field not only a Varsity team, but a JV team too.  And we ended up with three awesome coaches.
I now know that if I want something, I can’t sit around and wait for it to work out.   I know not to give up when all you see in front of you is a brick wall.  And I know there is no such thing as impossible.  And all throughout life people are going to say one two letter word, No, and it is up to me whether that word will be my excuse or whether it will be my reason.  


  1. Mariah, this is awesome! I'm so blown away, this flowed well and your diction is concise and to the point. You proved that your brick wall really was there so you could show how bad you wanted to play, good for you!

  2. This is such a great post Mariah! I'm very impressed that any individual could recruit an entire highs school lacrosse team on their own. The will to keep trying even when at first everyone shut you down is remarkable. It reminds me of getting freshman recruits for the wrestling team. Why did so many of the upperclassmen girls turn you down? What was their reasoning?

  3. Chris, the upperclassmen were going to be able to play on North's team if there wasn't a team at South and the year before we were really good. We made tournament and we were just a big huge family. They just wanted to continue to be a part of that.