Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dennis the Menace, blog post #5

Briefly the story I will be working on this year in english is about an old man living by himself in what he wishes was a quiet neighborhood.  However there is a young boy who lives across the street who does a very good job of disturbing the peace for the poor old man.  He breaks things, he ruins the yard, and basically reeks havoc on the neighborhood.  But one day he breaks a window of the old man's and sneaks into the house to steal his ball so that no one knows it was him.  Not so good news for the old man, because when his family comes over and asks him why his window is broken, he does not know.  Convinced that he is now a danger to himself, the family places the old man in a nursing home.  Now the young boy means well so he goes to apologize to the old man.  But the old man wants more than an apology and he employs the boy as his sidekick to try and escape the nursing home and outsmart the cunning nursing home staff.
My relationship between the old man and the young boy is going to be inspired by the relationship between Dennis and Mr. Wilson in Dennis the Menace.  I have been watching old episodes of the show, and have found a lot of quite interesting situations that Dennis creates for his family and Mr. Wilson.  In one particular episode he leaves his friend as a decoy for the babysitter while he sneaks off to a movie that his parents are attending without him.  But while he is returning he cannot get back inside so he goes to Mr. Wilson's house to barrow his ladder.  The baby sitter hears the noise and calls the police, but so did Mr. Wilson so he is out looking for his ladder.  The police take Mr. Wilson away and Dennis' father has to go bail him out.  Safe to say that Mr. Wilson is not Dennis' biggest fan.
I am going to be trying to recreate such a relationship and such comical incidents between my characters.   And then it will be even more entertaining because the two will have to team up and overcome their destined rivalry in order to get the old man in my story out of the nursing home.

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