Thursday, December 1, 2011

totes m'goats

When everyone thinks about pets, of course the classic dogs and cats come to mind.  But how many people do you know that have pet goats?  Well now you know one more.  And let me tell you they happen to be the coolest things ever.
It all started when I was about five and my uncle was telling me about fainting goats.  Obviously I was fascinated and wanted fainting goats of my own.  Now I did not end up with fainting goats, but my family did decided to give goats a try.  My dad built the barn and soon enough there were two goats living in there.  We bread them and every year we had a new batch of beautiful baby goats, we played with them, and my parents made soap from their milk.  And until I was in seventh grade that was the way things were.
I am one of five kids so taking care of the goats got to be too much for my mom to handle by herself, and she sold the goats.
But then for my sixteenth birthday, I decided I was old enough to be able to take on the responsibility of the goats on my own.  So unlike most sixteen year olds who get cars for their birthdays, I got goats.  And today I have three beautiful goats, Ellie, Bamma, and Dash.
They all have their own unique personalities and habits and they really are as interesting as they are adorable.  Ellie, is very jumpy and jittery and always kind of observing what everyone around her is doing.  Dash is the pansy of the trio.  He's very cautious and hesitant, but incredibly strong.  And Bamma is lazy and plump just happy to be wherever she is as long as someones with her.
I love my goats, goats are great!

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