Thursday, October 13, 2011

the art of procrastination

Procrastination is typically seen as a bad thing, people frown upon those who put something off until the last minute.  That's how some people work though; physically unable to do something, or at least do it well, until they have no other choice than to sit down and do it.  I am one of those people.  As you can tell clearly because here I am at 9:30 writing my blog post that is due at 10pm.  
I am a very busy individual, but I have however learned, or more so taught myself, how to make my procrastination work for me.  For example, like most teenagers when my room is a mess I hate cleaning it.  So if I actually have a reason to clean it, it will get done faster.  When I was younger I always had to clean my room if someone came over, that was the only time I ever really cleaned my room.  So if I thought it was getting messy I would have someone over, that way I absolutely had to clean my room.  Mission accomplished.
I can also be a very indecisive person sometimes, so for an assignment like this where we have the whole world to choose a topic from, I sat for about an hour contemplating different ideas.  And each one was just as good as the next, I just could not pick a single one.   Then I realized there was almost no time left to actually write.  So I started writing about what was keeping me from writing.  And so far I think I have a pretty good post.  But when I procrastinate I do not have time to sit and ponder on different ideas or second-guess myself.  I just have to pick one and go. 
For the most part, I would consider myself a pretty good procrastinator, I am still fine-tuning the art of procrastination, it will be perfected eventually.  But maybe I need a deadline for that.  


  1. Very clever post Mariah it had a nice flow to it. You really know how to capture a reader’s attention. What inspired you to write a post like this? Do you think it’s weird that procrastination is considered illegal?

  2. This is a very funny post. I liked how you mentioned that even though procrastination is usually viewed as a bad thing you have learned to make it work to your advantage. Have you ever procarstinated so long that it began to work against you instead of for you?

  3. I find it highly humorous that I'm able to relate to this. Honestly, this whole post is basically how I feel about my own procrastination, but it works for me! I've written multiple papers that were due the next day and still recieved good grades. I think it just motivates me more.

  4. Great post Mariah! I do the same thing with my room! I find it much easier to do things last minute because then you have no other option but to do it. Do you think your procrastination is a positive thing in your life?

  5. Clever ms. mckenna. procrastination and I are very good friends. i find it easier to procrastinate than to do work. go figure. I like your idea of finding a reason to accomplish a task. its a very good look on how to make something out of nothing. Procrastinate on!

  6. Very nice post Mariah! This is a problem i think we all suffer from! Having a goal or motive always makes somthing easier to do. Putting the pressure on last minute can produce the best results i belive. For a last minute post it is wonderful.

  7. Chandler- Thank you! Procrastinating is considered illegal? I certainly would consider that weird, I didn't even know that was real!

    Sara- Of course I have, but that is how I have learned to make my procrastination work for me instead of against me.

    Chris- Exactly! And I know you do wrestling so maybe there is some relation to sports and the pressures there influencing people like you and I to preform best when we are under pressure.... hmmmmm!

    Alex- Procrastination is absolutely a positive thing in my life, although my mother would certainly beg to differ. I am a competitive person, being under pressure is when I do well. Although when it comes to procrastination I am competing with myself, having that pressure to do something is what motivates me and gets it done.

    Grant- Thank you mr. solis! You know I am all about making the most of what you get!

    Sally- Thanks! It certainly is easier to climb the mountain when you can see the top!

  8. Hah this post is great. I am a true procrastinator as well. (As I post comments the night after they're due <3)

    However I might differ from you a little bit. You said you had people over your house once in a while as a tactic to get yourself to clean your room. If this is the case, then it seems more like an effort than procrastination. For me, it's always, "Crap, someone's coming over. Now I have to clean." Even then, I would make a crappy effort to throw all the dirty clothes in the hamper, tidy up the bed, and do a quick vacuum of the floor. Either way, I know where you're coming from Mariah. Noiiicee post!