Sunday, October 16, 2011

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I get into this argument a lot with my sister and the only way you can decide whether cheerleading is or is not a sport is by defining the word sport. It all depends on what you do and don't consider traits of a sport, what makes something a sport vs. a hobby in your eyes?

We definitely all feel this way in some way or another about high school ending, wanting to hang on to some part of what we know we must let go of soon. I liked how you said that it did not matter whether we were actually ready or not, we have to be. Great job!

Animals are incredible, and the connections that we can form with them are equally incredible. And especially because Chevy is blind, that just adds a whole extra level of trust. I love what you said about them understanding you and knowing you better than actual people do, so true! I have a similar relationship with my goats, although not quite the same because obviously I don't ride them!

If only everyone vowed to never loose their smile, everyone would be just living life a lot happier. You are a breath of fresh air, keep it up!

my own responses
Chandler- Thank you! Procrastinating is considered illegal? I certainly would consider that weird, I didn't even know that was real!

Sara- Of course I have, but that is how I have learned to make my procrastination work for me instead of against me. 

Chris- Exactly! And I know you do wrestling so maybe there is some relation to sports and the pressures there influencing people like you and I to preform best when we are under pressure.... hmmmmm!

Alex- Procrastination is absolutely a positive thing in my life, although my mother would certainly beg to differ. I am a competitive person, being under pressure is when I do well. Although when it comes to procrastination I am competing with myself, having that pressure to do something is what motivates me and gets it done.

Grant- Thank you mr. solis! You know I am all about making the most of what you get!

Sally- Thanks! It certainly is easier to climb the mountain when you can see the top!

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  1. Good post Mariah, I like your story and there are so many books and movies that you could see to get ideas from. I like the idea of them being friends so it teaches the kids reading a lesson about life. I would recommend the movie Eloise, there is a series but any of them are good. It is about a girl named Eloise who lives at The Plaza hotel and causes trouble, she walks around like the owns the place. The girl is only about 6 years old though so it's a really funny movie just like yours so you could get a lot of ideas from her.