Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mentor text #2 reflection

Tuesdays with Morrie
Upon learning that his favorite college professor Morrie has been diagnosed with ALS, Mitch realizes he has broken his promise made 16 years earlier after his graduation that he would remain in touch with Morrie.  So he begins going to visit Morrie every tuesday bringing food in exchange for life lessons.  Morrie encourages Mitch to rethink the things that he finds important in his life and to truly better himself.

I am hoping to by the end of my book have created such a relationship between the old man and the young boy.  They are obviously going to get off on the wrong foot and their relationship is going to be pretty bitter for the beginning part of the book while the young boy is reeking havoc through the neighborhood, breaking lawn gnomes, painting cats, tearing up flower beds, and other mischievous acts that only create more work for the old man.

But after the old man finds himself in the nursing home for being unable to explain an accident that he did not cause his only option is to turn to the little boy for help and use his mischievousness for good and ultimately break the old man out of the nursing home.

I am thinking that the young boy will not originally confess to the old man that he is at fault for the accident, his mom is going to send him to volunteer at the nursing home as punishment for something else he has done.  He avoids the volunteer work he is supposed to be doing and takes to hiding out around the home, until he stumbles upon the old man.  At first they are using one another, the old man wants company and the boy wants to avoid work so they play games of cards and board games and they begin to develop somewhat of a friendship.

Then one day the man will have had enough of the nursing home and finally decide to do something.  So then the two will work together and the plotting of the escape will provide the man multiple opportunities to teach the boy life lessons, similar to that of Mitch and Morrie.  And at the end, what ultimately will set the old man free of the nursing home will be the boys confession to being the fault of the accident.

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